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3 HUGE Benefits of Assisted Living Over Home Care

December 20th, 2021

No one wants to leave their home of 35 years. It's a tough situation. There is usually a lot of resistance from the aging when it comes to moving in to senior living. There is an outdated mindset of what senior living is. The thought of an old, sterile nursing home comes to mind. 25 years ago, when I became a nurse, that was a pretty accurate description. Today however, senior living is just that. Senior LIVING. It's about the promotion health, safety, longevity and ENJOYING this season of life to the fullest.

Because of the emotional attachment to ones home (perfectly understandable) and because of the misinformation about senior living, the aging often stay home longer than they should. Even if they are having home care companions come in to assist them, the elderly are often nor receiving the care that they need because they can not afford it. This can then lead to completely avoidable crisis.

There are MANY huge benefits to living in an assisted living community. Let's focus on the top 3.


Assisted living communities are designed with safety in mind. One of the biggest reasons for seniors visiting the ER is falls. They fall because there is something they are attempting to do on their own and shouldn't be. They may have a lack of help at home or a lack of supervision because family is unable to be there or because there is not enough money for adequate home care. Broken bones, burns, head trauma and other safety related injuries are usually preventable but can often lead to irreversible changes in quality of life.

Assisted living communities offer proper supervision 24/7. Their design is purposeful as to prevent falls. They have extra features such as call alerts and door alarms. There are trained professionals available for any need.


Often, living alone can lead to a loss of appetite. There are various reasons for this. Loneliness, exhaustion, pain & depression are just a few. When living at home alone, an older adult may go days without proper hydration or weeks without a proper meal. This leads to a rapid and often irreversible decline in health. Weakness from malnutrition is a huge reason for falls.

Assisted living offers 3 healthy meals a day. Almost all communities offers variety and other snacks at any time. There is always a professional available to monitor if a resident is eating an appropriate amount and also to help with meals as needed. Something as simple as having an orange juice opened or butter on toast can make a huge difference in if a person is getting an adequate amount of nutrition and calories.


This is a subject of elder care that is often overlooked. In my opinion, its VERY important. Keeping the mind of an elderly person stimulated, in a way that is appropriate for them, is crucial. So often, seniors slowly stop leaving their home. Loss of vision, decreased coordination, loss of a spouse or significant friends due to death, and poor weather conditions lead to a reluctance or inability for the elderly to properly socialize. This frequently results in depression and then leads to many of the things stated above. When someone has been active and social their entire lives, turning a certain age or having an onset of age related health changes does not change their social needs. Speaking to a home care aid a couple hours per day or seeing family a few hours per week is proving to just not be enough.

Assisted living communities offer a vast variety of social activities. There is something for everyone! Music, cards, outings, shopping, bowling, dances, exercises and church are just a few.

While assisted living is not the answer for every aging adult, it does help MANY have healthier and happier lives. Assisted living communities can improve QUALITY and QUANTITY of life. The cost is far less than maintaining their own home and adding 24/7 home care.

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