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Dispelling Retirement & Assisted Living Myths

November 19th, 2021

Sterile, cold, bad smelling, impersonal, hospital like, boring, lonely. These are words I often hear when people are describing why they never want to move to assisted living or even a retirement community. I understand this mindset. When I first started as a nurse 25 years ago, the options for senior living were a lot different. Seniors that needed a little help were often in nursing homes with other seniors that were very sick, immobile and unable to communicate.

Thankfully, a lot has changed over the years. A better understanding of the emotional and social effects on the body and longevity has revolutionized senior living. There is now a strong focus on designing and managing these communities in a way that makes them very home-like. There is an emphasis on socialization, appropriate & exciting activities, independence, individually tailored services & staying active.

Gone are the days of BINGO every day and hospital-like tray food. Independent and assisted living communities cater to the individual. They offer gourmet meals with choices, gyms, hair salons, spas, gardening & day trips. Most have several different activities to choose from during each day such as dance lessons, computer classes, crafts, cooking, trivia, book clubs, board games & more. Also, many communities allow pets!

Individualized Care is the new normal for elder care. When a person is able to choose when they eat, shower, have visitors, & do an activity, it helps them feel in control. This is important for the aging adult. Making their own choices helps them to thrive and stay active. No longer is senior living a negative concept. Senior living communities supports a safe and fulfilling retirement!

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