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How To Know When Your Loved One's Wishes To Remain At Home Is No Longer Best


Our parents raise us, nurture us and put us first for most of our lives. Then the shift comes where the adult child becomes the caregiver. We miss what once was but fiercely take on the task of giving our parents the care they deserve. We do everything in our strength to make sure their wishes are respected. Sometimes we are so determined to "keep the plan" that we miss signs that a new plan is necessary. READ MORE...


February 14, 2022

Senior living referral agencies can be extremely helpful to case managers and social services. They can do a lot of leg work to find families the care they need and save discharge planners a lot of time and energy. A good placement service can be a great resource for other healthcare workers as well. That being said, THEY ARE NOT ALL CREATED EQUAL. READ MORE...

3 HUGE Benefits of Assisted Living Over Home Care

December 20th, 2021

No one wants to leave their home of 35 years. It's a tough situation. There is usually a lot of resistance from the aging when it comes to moving in to senior living. There is an outdated mindset of what senior living is. The thought of an old, sterile nursing home comes to mind. 25 years ago, when I became a nurse, that was a pretty accurate description. Today however, senior living is just that. Senior LIVING. It's about the promotion health, safety, longevity and ENJOYING this season of life to the fullest.  READ MORE...

Dispelling Retirement & Assisted Living Myths

November 19th, 2021

Sterile, cold, bad smelling, impersonal, hospital like, boring, lonely. These are words I often hear when people are describing why they never want to move to assisted living or even a retirement community. I understand this mindset. When I first started as a nurse 25 years ago, the options for senior living were a lot different. Seniors that needed a little help were often in nursing homes with other seniors that were very sick, immobile and unable to communicate.  READ MORE...

3 Fears Seniors Face When Moving To a Facility

October 27th, 2021

Family dynamics have dramatically changed in the last few decades. More elderly people have no choice but to move into an assisted living or a personal care facility. Often times the senior has already sustained an injury because they are lacking the support that they need to remain safely in their own home.  READ MORE...

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